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Fiduciary Services

Detecting fraud and preventing losses to safeguard your interests


Our Approach

Businesses, real estate, investments, and other jointly owned assets are constantly at risk. Sometimes, that risk is easy to predict, but in many cases, owners and creditors alike may be unable to anticipate sudden changes or revelations that can threaten the future of their interests and investments.

Our consultants have served as receivers, partition referees, and provisional directors in various sectors—including manufacturing, service, distribution, and retail—in scores of cases. That breadth of experience gives us the practical understanding we need to make accurate assessments quickly and begin taking decisive action to protect assets and prevent losses.

We have the background and training necessary to offer swift solutions to your most sophisticated and intricate problems whenever they appear. When you work with Phelps Consulting Group, you'll have access to our:

  • Certified Public Accountants with Accreditation in Business Valuation
    and Certification in Financial Forensics (CPA/ABV/CFF)
  • Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA)
  • Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA)
  • Certified Management Accountants (CMA)
  • Licensed Private Investigator


Our Services


In serving as receivers, our consultants use their diverse specializations. As experts in fraud accounting, we can discover mishandled funds and malfeasance that put businesses at risk. Our history of successful business management reflects our ability to triage distressed businesses and chart the next steps for rescuing or, when necessary, dismantling a company. We use our investigation skills—both as private investigators and forensic accountants—to uncover hidden assets, risks, and fraud. And we work within relevant legal regulations and with legal authorities in order to maintain the highest standard of our professional and fiduciary obligations.

We use our broad skill sets to determine what a company’s actual financial situation is and how best to manage the business in the short term while we develop long-term plans. In some circumstances, we help execute court orders to dissolve a company, and in other situations, we’re a business’s last chance at survival. We offer specialized service in various types of receiverships, including creditor-initiated, business divorce, post-judgment, and regulatory receiverships.


Our work is about more than the numbers. When people who share an interest in real estate or other property and assets decide to divide those assets and go their separate ways, human factors beyond what’s on a spreadsheet often intervene. Our consultants can put equitable solutions before the court so that all parties involved can walk away with their fair share.

Provisional Director

We offer unbiased, confident leadership as the tie-breaking vote on boards of companies in trouble or transition.  Our guidance contributions as provisional directors is based on a deep history of successful business management and investigation as well as on our ultimate goal of protecting our clients’ valued assets. If your company needs a provisional director who can quickly understand the full picture of your business—from management to bookkeeping and regulatory compliance—Phelps Consulting Group can step in to provide you with leadership that you can trust.

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