Financial Inquiry & Dispute Services

Detecting fraud, preventing losses, and providing rigorous analysis to safeguard your interests


Financial Inquiry | Our Approach

Fraud and malfeasance are unfortunately rampant in today’s lightning-fast global economy. Our multidisciplinary experts, CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), and Licensed Private Investigator have a combined seven decades of advanced training and fraud investigation experience. Together, we unravel sophisticated financial schemes and uncover the truth behind financial shenanigans, no matter how complex.

Financial Inquiry | Our Services

Our experts react swiftly, efficiently, and quietly to allegations of financial wrongdoing, employing our multiple skill sets to assess the damage and document losses.  We assist with the recovery of purloined assets, correct false or misleading information, and prevent the recurrence of fraud and mishandled funds through proactive measures.

Fraud Examination

Fraud—whether simple or complex—is difficult to uncover and fully explain. By virtue of their extensive training and experience, our team is equipped not only to document the malfeasance we discover but also to explain it fully and clearly to litigants and triers of fact.  Click here to find out more.

Forensic Accounting

As forensic accountants with decades of experience and top-tier training, we get behind the numbers to trace funds, determine economic damages, provide accurate asset valuations, and shed light on hidden or otherwise obscured financial information.  Click here to find out more.

Corporate Investigation

We use our investigation skills to look beyond the books to discover and document any fraudulent or deceitful behavior.  Our past cases have involved surveillance, interviews and interrogations, and asset tracing.  All of these activities are done in strict compliance with applicable law.  Click here to find out more.

Dispute Services | Our Approach

The regulatory landscape for business and investment is a growing risk factor for almost every sector of our economy. When you find yourself involved in legal disputes over your business interests, your best path forward involves honest, accurate financial information and analysis. By building on that foundation, your legal team will be empowered to construct your best argument and you’ll be in the most advantageous position to pursue justice.

Dispute Services | Our Services

Our consultants’ decades of financial consultation includes providing attorneys and their clients with a full range of financial analysis and documentation.

  • Business valuation: Our consultants include CPAs with Accreditation in Business Valuation and Certification in Financial Forensics (CPA/ABV/CFF), Certification in Distressed Business Valuation (CDBV), and Certification in Valuation Analysis (CVA). We regularly provide legal teams with accurate valuations of businesses and to assess the accuracy of valuations submitted by other parties involved in litigation.
  • Economic damages: When you need to make an honest claim about what you’re entitled to after suffering losses as the result of someone else's unlawful or tortious actions have been proved, or when other financial shenanigans have been uncovered, our consultants can clarify what the extent of your claim can entail. We also work with attorneys to assess the accuracy of economic damages claimed by other parties. Our objective is to ensure transparency and veracity in determining economic damages.
  • Expert testimony: Our consultants speak and teach on our areas of specialization. We skillfully communicate with non-expert audiences about highly complicated financial situations, making technical issues accessible. As expert witnesses, we offer clear and unbiased explanations of our analyses, investigations, and insights related to your case.

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